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Tel.: +34 669 12 88 68

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Hermosilla 30, 2nd floor
28001 Madrid

Calle las Mercedes, 25 4º Dpto. 3
Las Arenas, Getxo
48930 Bilbao


Cargo Lighthouse is an initiative born within Grupo Davila, an entity linked to the maritime and port world since 1917. Davila has been in the market for more than 100 years based on reputation, instinct and constant renewal. If you want to know more about our parent company, you can visit our corporate website:

Our team of professionals, comprised of maritime industry and technology experts, is committed to providing innovative and efficient solutions to charterers.


We are the digital platform that empowers human talent.

We believe in the importance of technology as a tool to improve and simplify processes. However, we believe that they should not replace the human factor and years of experience in the sector.

That’s why, at Cargo Lighthouse, we combine the best of both worlds, offering a simple and guided negotiation process that you can’t afford to miss out on, with the help of our team.


The need to make quick decisions with big implications can generate stress and anxiety in those who have to deal with these issues on a daily basis.

Cargo Lighthouse addresses these challenges through its end-to-end platform, which offers question resolution, proposal of suitable shipowners and standardization of processes.

The platform also allows users to keep all records up to date automatically and, in case a colleague is absent for vacation, other users in your company will be able to see exactly where each shipment stands.

Transparency is one of the fundamental pillars of Cargo Lighthouse, allowing users to see all the information related to their cargoes and shipowners in one place. With its focus on process standardization, the platform reduces the risk of human error and improves operational efficiency.

Cargo Lighthouse offers a unique value proposition that focuses on transparency, efficiency and process standardization, enabling users to make informed decisions more quickly and confidently in an often chaotic and stressful work environment.